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How to reap the benefits of owning a Company

Your company is like your child. When you became a director of a company, the authorities added more responsibilities on you to take care of that new baby. To enjoy the benefits of tax savings, limited liabilities etc, you simply need to;
** Make sure all authorities interested are kept up to date with filings. At Abishel Accounting, we will do that best for you.
** If there is a tax bill, pay it within stipulated time.
** If you receive company letters, open them. If you hate the look of them, email or WhatsApp them to your accountant.
** If your area of trade requires licensing, do not take chances, just get one.
** If you need insurance, just get one and get covered.
When you do the above, you will avoid things like, piling up tax debts, interests, penalties, debt collectors problems etc. If you just do the right thing, your company will also deliver just the right benefits.


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