With over 12 years of experience we help companies reach their financial and accounting goals. Abishel Accounting is a values-driven consulting and accounting firm.

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We offer customised solutions for our clients

What we offer

If you’re a contractor, a Limited company or other self-employed professional looking for an accountant that really understands your needs, look no further Abishel Accounting is here to help you. We offer complete solutions as well as select business accounting services, allowing you to pick and choose the best accounting services suited to your requirements. Our fixed monthly or annual fees includes everything from bookkeeping, year end accounts, review meetings and even IRIS, Quickbooks, Sage, Xero software and many more

Accounts & Taxes

We help put your books in order with HMRC & Companies House

Self Assessment

We work with Directors & the Self Employed to do their Tax Returns with brilliance & on time


We help clients to set up and track their income and expenses in real time on Xero, Quickbooks or other softwares

Financial Forecasting

We process for internal management purposes or for credit arrangements.

Strategic Tax Planning

Important to achieve tax efficiency, budgeting and planning for dividend payouts.

Our Services
Accounts & Taxes

As one of the most tried and tested accounting practice, we pride ourselves in giving the best bespoke services in tax compliance services. Our Services include, 

Bookkeeping, Vat returns, Payroll, PAYE returns, Annual Accounts, Abbreviated Accounts, Corporation Tax, Company’s house Returns, Directors SA100’s. Dealing with the HMRC.


In the UK, some circumstances require you to be registered to file your own self-assessment. Self-Assessment is a process of informing HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that you have other incomes (usually outside normal employment payroll) that you need to declare in any tax year.  

Most popular circumstances under which one has to register for self-assessment include:

  • Becoming a director of a company (either a newly registered or appointment into an already incorporated company) 

  • Having Capital Gains Tax to report and pay to HMRC 

  • Having income from properties to report to HMRC  

HMRC will need you to formally register with them if you decide to start working for yourself. If you start business as self-employed, Abishel Accounting can help you with advice on all the circumstances under which you are expected to do your registration and the registration itself if you meet the criteria. As a free offer, we will provide you with brief advise on naming the business, deciding on your accounting period and expected record keeping ways. We also offer services to do with setting you up for your first self-assessment when the tax year comes to an end. 

Financial Forecasting

At Abishel Accounting, we offer personal services especially when it comes to financial amounts for your business. We make sure that the estimates that we use for your future financial outcomes are the most feasible considering all your internal and external factors.  

Our approach Financial forecasting always use your historical income and expenses data. Future capacity to maximise profits and minimise losses is best predicted by past. In new business ventures and situations of change of business models, we use the industry and economic tools that we have developed to measure any predictions in financial performance. 

Business Plans

We have business plan templates that are ready to be customised to your specific business model. Abishel Accounting services are customer centred to perfectly capture your core business objectives and your specific plans of action. Our bespoke business plans have worked greatly to guide businesses in focusing their resources in specific income generating actions and make the business sustainable. There are no hidden costs for our business plans. For the amount below, you are guaranteed to have a full business plan package, with all your required sections and including financial forecasts. 

  • Importance of having a business plan for your business;

  • It is essential in getting finance for your business.

  • Some contracts require that you have a business plan.

  • A business plan is the best way to give your ideas clarity and create easy congruency with all stakeholders

  • It is the best way of forecasting and tackling challenges in the future.

  • The most convenient way to measure success in achieving your goals is through using a business plan as a guiding strategy.