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Do you have missing National Insurance Years? HMRC has a deal that could boost your future pension.

Until 5 April 2023, you can plug any gaps in your NI years going back to 2006 and boost your future pension payments. After 05 April 2023, the deal will only restrict you to going back 6 years instead of the current 11 years.

The first step is to open a personal government gateway account and check your National Insurance record. Check if your pension is  forecasted to be at the full pension level or there are gaps that need to be looked at for you to be eligible for full pension.

Use this link to get to your account – https://www.gov.uk/check-national-insurance-record

If you have got NI years that are listed as Not Full, you can buy more years to close up the short fall. The Government’s Future Pension Centre will be helpful to calculate for you the specific figures that you need to pay for each tax year and how you can make payment arrangements to settle the gaps.

Future Pension Centre helpline – 0800 731 0175


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