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5 Reasons Businesses Should Update Their Use of Tech

1. Increased productivity

Automating processes and using specialist software saves time and enables you to redeploy your efforts to tasks which will facilitate further development.

2. Fewer mistakes

More automation means less human error and more reliability. Liberate yourself to work in ways which use their skill set and let software do what it is good at.

3. Improve work satisfaction

All too often technology is viewed by employees as a threat to their jobs. Well managed technology should enhance everyone’s job satisfaction, giving everyone the opportunity to learn new skills and a bringing a sense of being in control of technological development rather being intimidated by it.

4. Greater financial security

The use of prepaid credit cards enables everyone in your company to have access to funds when they need to spend money on behalf of the company. Money is loaded onto the card and therefore there is no opportunity to overspend. Expenditure can be monitored in real time and should the card be lost or stolen it can be frozen, without the need to close an entire account. Online purchases with a conventional credit card reveal a billing address, card number, expiration date and security code. A prepaid credit card is not linked to a bank account and therefore your employees can make online purchases without exposing the company account to hackers.

5. Easier to predict cash flow needs

Automating your company payroll and using prepaid cards for employee expenses will give you a much tighter grip on expenditure. Real time data gives you an instant overview of expenditure and makes for much more accurate financial planning.